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Dog hotel

Planning a business trip or a family getaway that requires you to leave town for a few days? If your beloved Paw pal can’t accompany you, rest assured, they have a cozy home away from home waiting for them with us! Our dedicated team of professionals takes immense pride in expertly handling your furry companions during their stay, ensuring a stress-free separation experience. We’ve meticulously crafted our dog hotel to provide utmost comfort, cleanliness, ventilation, and ample space for a pawfect night’s sleep. Whether your pooch prefers their own private space or enjoys cuddling up with their furry friends, we have options to suit every preference. Our spacious communal area is stocked with cozy blankets for those who love company, while individual crates are available for those who prefer solitude. And after a fulfilling day of play in our garden, our dedicated team members are ready to snuggle and cuddle the night away with your furbabies, ensuring they feel loved and secure. For guests staying with us longer, we offer additional services like scenic walks around town, providing your pooch with personal time to explore new scents or enjoy one-on-one play sessions. Your pet’s comfort and happiness are our top priorities, making their stay with us a memorable and enjoyable experience.