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All about Paw Station

We go beyond 'woof' to a deep understanding of what makes each tail wag.

Hello Paw Parents! We are so excited to meet you and your fur baby! Here at our Paw Havens we don’t just meet the standard of quality pet care – we set it. Our focus is to give a clean, safe environment that allows your fur baby to be completely comfortable in our social, open play environment. Have peace of mind knowing that they are supervised by our highly trained pawesome team of expert fur baby cuddlers that offer up unsurpassable care – from endless laps to sit on and continuous ball throws in the garden, your furry friend is guaranteed to have a constant wagging tail. We like to take things one paw print further, during the day expect to receive gorgeous update photos and videos of your pets receiving endless love throughout their stay. Nobody loves your paw pals as much as you do, but we certainly do come close! Paw station offers multiple services to accommodate for all of your pets needs, from Doggy day care to over night sleepovers, pampering grooming sessions and a stroll around our pet store. We even have a 820m² premises for you to spend quality time with your doggos, whilst they hop over obstacles and chase balls down the lawn. All sizes, breeds and ages are welcomed! Need someone to care for your cat? We have the puurrrfect hotel for them too.

Paw Station's health screening test

Your peace of mind knowing your pup is in a healthy environment

There is nothing we work harder to ensure than health and safety. Before allowing your furry friends to join our pack, we require a health screening at our premise with our experienced, trusted vet. This will give you peace of mind that your fur baby is 100% healthy as possible and that all of their friends joining them at the hotel will also be 100% healthy. This allows us to maintain our risk free social environment. If your paw pal requires any medication during it’s stay, please notify us and we can ensure that it receives what is necessary.

Meet the Founder

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